Creating Query table from sql view

09-20-2021 09:21 AM
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I am trying to create a query table from a sql view; there is no geometry associated with the table. I need to join the table to two separate feature classes. When I try to run the "Make Query Table" tool I get the following error: 000055: Cannot create a Query Table for this workspace: Description Creating a query table is not supported for the specified workspace. Query tables can only be created using data from a geodatabase or an OLE DB connection. Solution Convert the data to one of the workspace types that support the creation of query tables. I am directly connecting to the sql database through my project. I do not want to convert the view into a static table so the data is "live" and attributes will update without having to refresh or run a script. Any ideas are greatly appreciated.


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Are you trying to perform this process in a script?  Is the data in a format to be spatially enabled by either geocoding the data or creating an xy event layer?

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