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Creating probability raster based on another raster

05-02-2023 03:12 PM
New Contributor II

Hello! I am trying to create a probability raster based on a slope raster. I tried class probability, but I am confused as to what the difference between the "Input signature file" and "Input signature file." Any suggestions on how to achieve this? For reference, I need the probability raster to run the tool "Create Spatially Balanced Points." Thank you!

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HI @saldanax.  I've never used Create Spatially Balanced Points, and the documentation doesn't provide a methodology.  But my understanding of your task is:

1. Create probability raster with values from 0-1 (float) 

2. Run the tool as such:

CreateSpatiallyBalancedPoints(in_probability_raster, out_num_points, out_feat_class)

So you need the in_probability_raster.  Do you have a model for weighting the slope raster into the probability raster?  For instance 0-20 = 0.1, 20-30 = 0.2, 30-40=0.3, etc.

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