Creating MMPK with Network Dataset Offline

10-01-2019 03:03 AM
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We are creating MMPK for the basemap using arcgis pro 2.4 . That is working fine. We want to network dataset we have.

Could any one help in creating the mmpk with network dataset for offline use.

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Have you reviewed: Create Mobile Map Package—Data Management toolbox | ArcGIS Desktop    ?

If the map contains a network layer that references a network dataset, it will be included in the mobile map package as a transportation network for routing and driving directions. All feature classes and tables that the network references will become part of the mobile map package. This may include layers that are not part of the map. For example, if there is only a network layer in the map, the package will include the streets, junctions, and turns feature classes associated with the network.

For a network dataset to support mobile map packaging, there are a few restrictions to keep in mind:

  • The network dataset must be part of a geodatabase. This excludes networks that are in SDC or shapefile format.
  • The network dataset must be from ArcGIS 10.0 or later. If the network is from an earlier version, upgrade the geodatabase and network.
  • The network dataset cannot have an unknown coordinate system.
  • The network dataset cannot use any VB or Python script evaluators.
  • The network dataset cannot use any custom COM evaluators.
  • A network dataset that uses live traffic will be packaged, but the live traffic components will not be used since they are not supported.
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