Creating a weighted matrix in IDW

05-23-2022 04:50 PM
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With IDW there doesn't appear to be a way to incorporate your own weighted matrix. That gets set with the search radius/power combination (as I understand it). Is there a suitable tool for a setting a weighting matrix to the points using IDW?

Or is another tool a better option?


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How inverse distance weighted interpolation works—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation  if you have the Geostatistical Analyst extension.  Or the "how-to" may give you some ideas

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Hi Dan - thanks for pointing me to this link, I hadn't seen his previously. However, I am still in the dark how I can use IDW to model the spatial dependencies I'm interested in. While we can dictate search radii and power, this doesn't map to the specific weighting matrices I hope to apply to each point. Simple weighting matrices will be good for providing an initial plot estimate. Eventually we will hopefully determine kernels that describe these spatial dependencies, so eventually I will be hoping to apply kernels to each point. 

Do you have any suggestions?

Many thanks


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