Create reusable feature templates?

05-11-2021 12:52 PM
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I need some help with creating reusable feature templates in ArcGIS Pro.

Is it possible to create a feature template (specific line style and attribute field values) without having to create the features first? And have those templates show up for any new layer I create in my project?

I need a set of line templates that can be reused in multiple layers to digitize lines, applying styles and filling in values as we go. It seems like the templates we are creating now only work in the layer they are attached to, and require that you digitize each new feature type before the template shows up. Have read documentation here ( but not getting the results I need.


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Hi David,

it may be worthwhile looking into the use of Domains in your data. It sounds like what you need is to setup domains. This also allows you to symbolise and create feature templates based on the domains, even if your attribute table is empty of data. It also lets you set default values for newly created features. 

have a read here -


Let me know if this helps, or if you have any questions or more specific queries.



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