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02-14-2021 03:15 AM
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"Create Address Locator" is only supported up to 2.7.

Could you give me a solution?



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from Create Address Locator (Geocoding)—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

it says


This tool is deprecated. This functionality has been replaced by the Create Locator tool.

Or are you looking for a different solution?

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Thank you.
I wrote down the problem in the attached image.

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It looks like Mark was able to answer this question for you in Locators created with the Create Feature Locator tool or the Create Locator tool using the Parcel role and packaged in a mobile map package aren't supported in all versions of the Explorer App and you'll need to use the FieldMap App.  If you absolutely need   to use the Explorer app and include locators in  your mobile map packages, create the locator in ArcMap with the Create Address Locator tool, however Pro 2.7 is the last release these locators will be included when creating a mobile map package.

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