Create Integrated Mesh Scene Layer Package - Warning

11-12-2021 01:25 AM
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I am trying to create an Integrated Mesh Scene Layer Package and it is not working. I exported my file in the OSGB data format from Metashape. Then I opened the file in osgViewer and everything looked fine. The data was not georefrenced. Just to test out the Integrated Mesh tool, I created a point somewhere near where the data is actually supposed to be. After running the tool I got these warnings and I don't really understand what went wrong. Could someone please offer some insight on the matter?


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@TeodoraCristea why don't you just export your model to SLPK directly from Metashape? 

Also, given that it's not georeferenced, im pretty sure Pro won't export it. You need to georeference first. See the help topic:

"To properly georeference the model, an additional metadata .xml.3mx, or world file (.wld3) is required that can be placed next to the folder that contains the OSGB format files or specified through the Anchor Point parameter."

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