Create Feature Class/Edit Problems in Pro 2.3

02-28-2019 08:51 AM
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After deciding to go with pro for a new project, I started setting up a geodatabase. I encountered a few issues so I'm sharing them here in hopes they get fixed in a future release.

First, some info on my environment. I'm using Pro 2.3. I'm using PostGres (postgis) and it is configured as an EGDB, created with ArcGIS Create Enterprise Geodatabase tool.

Issue Number 1: You can't add domains in batch from tables

The batch table to domain tool will let you add more than one table, but it won't let you configure the domain name for each table. Sure, I could import multiple tables all to the same domain but what good is that?

Issue Number 2: Domains added using the Table to Domain tool don't appear in Pro unless you completely close out of pro and re-open/re-connect to the database

Issue Number 3: Can't add domains to fields when you're creating a new feature class.

Looks like the workflow now is:

1. Create table and fields/alias's

2. After creating, go back in to the field editor and set domains. (sure it works but its a hassle).

Issue 4: When adding fields, setting the alias requires 3 clicks.
Seriously, you have to double click the field alias table, and then an input text box appears. Then you have to click this input textbox to begin typing. Having the ability to tab into the field alias after typing the field name would be nice. I realize I sound nit-picky but its just a tiny detail that would make life a lot easier when adding tons of fields.

Issue 5: When editing table rows in pro, adding a new row is clunky.

You can't simply hit enter to start a new line, you have to tab twice, then hit enter. Its easy to mess this up and can really hamper data entry tasks.

Issue 6: Relationship class tool doesn't open correctly.

Errors appear when running the create relationship tool by right clicking on the geodatabase connection and choosing New -> Relationship Class. These errors are because by default the origin table is set to  the database connection file and not the parent table.

Issue 7: Batch tool doesn't work for Add Global ID's.

It won't let you pick the batch parameter.

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