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Course Roadmap

03-18-2022 08:25 AM
New Contributor II

Hey, I am pretty new to ESRI and ArcGIS Pro in general. 

I had my "ArcGIS Introduction" course(Instructor led) at the beginning of March and then, next week, I got "ArcGIS Pro Essential Workflows".

Other than that, I take some free courses available at ESRI. Also, I go through some old study materials (from pervious person who was working at my position). 

In these old materials, I found a course roadmap (see attached), but unfortunately I am thinking that this is an outdated roadmap. 

Do you guys have an access to the newer roadmap so me and my manager can decide which courses I should take next?


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Esri Notable Contributor

Good morning!  Yes, this is an old roadmap that I have not seen in many, many years.  I don't believe Esri Training Services creates these anymore BUT you can navigate to the Learning Plans here and find an ArcGIS Pro Learning Plan to suit your interests and workflows.  In addition, there are numerous training opportunities using ArcGIS Pro on the Learn ArcGIS site as well - good luck!

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