Could not initialize an ArcGIS license?

09-10-2021 08:56 AM
New Contributor

I have a question about failing to initlize an ArcGis Pro License within a asp net web application published by IIS. when my webservice executes the arcgis code ("Host.Initalize()") in IIS debug mode of VS2019 ,it does work successfully.But when my webservice was published in IIS, it could not execute the arcgis code ("Host.Initalize()") and show me message"Could not initialize an ArcGIS license" from system.exception . I have  made sure my effective ArcGis Pro License and effective permission to access my ArcGis Pro folder for my web application. Could anybody tell me the reason why it happens or just ArcGis Pro Core refuse to be published as webservice in IIS?         PS my working environment: asp net web framework 4.8 & ArcGis Pro 2.8 

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