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Copying valzes from DEM raster into polygon shapefile

09-05-2023 04:41 AM
New Contributor

I have the following problem: I converted a DEM raster for Germany into a polygon feature class using "Raster to polygon". I received a shapefile in which every polygon stands for a raster pixel. I would like to copy the values (altitude above and below zero) from the attribute table of the raster to the one of the polygon feature class. I use a join and it works, but the values taken over a wrong.

Can somebody help my?

Thank you in advance 😉

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Have you got an example of the issue?  A raster attribute table commonly is a count of the number of pixels which have that certain value, so I don't quite understand why you'd want to join that to your polygons as it doesn't make sense.  

How did you create your polygons exactly?


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