Copying Display Filter symbology to multiple layers in ArcGIS Pro

08-29-2021 09:43 PM
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I'm creating a multiscale map of contour lines, with the intention of publishing vector tiles. To do this, I've used a combination of scale based symbology and display filters to control when and how different contour intervals show (e.g. 1m, 2m, 5m etc.) at different scale levels.

However, when I try and copy this symbology to different layers, only the scale based symbology gets copied - the display filters do not get applied to the new layer. 

Is there any way to apply display filter setting like regular symbology to layers with the same schema? I have many contour datasets with different sources, and merging them into a single layer would be challenging due to the quantity of data.

For context, the settings of my layer's symbology are shown below, using a contour index field representing intervals (1,2,5,10,20,50):





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