Copy and Paste Rows into Same Layer

05-25-2021 08:06 AM
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I am looking to copy and paste selected rows into the same feature class in ArcGIS Pro... I have tried to copy and paste but it won't work and paste special is always greyed out.

Is this a known bug or does anyone have a workaround? I am literally looking to just copy all selected features in a feature class and paste them back into it


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Are you selecting the features in the map? (which is good)

or are you selecting features in the table? (this might be the dodgy issue)

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Please ensure features from only a single layer is selected (no selection from other overlaying layers). You may turn other layers off as well while doing the selection.

A simple Copy-Paste (Edit tab) should work.

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Its likely a focus issue.
make sure the map has focus that you wish to copy features from and to, otherwise Pro might think youre trying to copy/paste layers from the table of contents.

Focus a map by clicking on its tab such that it turns dark blue.