Converting KML to a feature layer doesn't keep the folder heirarchy (Google Earth Pro to ArcGIS Pro)

01-04-2022 02:18 PM
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Hi, I'm new to GIS software in general. I survey plants and have a bunch of points mapped in Google Earth Pro that are all organized in nesting folders - What year, what month, and finally what species. Each point has it's own description as well. 

If I add the KML file to my ArcGIS project it looks fine and normal - all the folders are there as nodes, and nested correctly.

But I want to convert them to a feature layer so I can add temporal data - when I use the "KML to Layer" tool, it simply puts all the data into "Points" or "Polygons." 


I think I figured out a slow way to re-organize them correctly - selecting points by their attributes in the table and moving each group to its own layer, then grouping the layers...but is there a faster way? Is there any way to keep all of that organizational information when I convert it?




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