Convert Time Field - AM vs. PM times

03-16-2023 09:45 PM
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I used the "Convert Time Field" to convert text-formatted date/time to a date format in a feature class. For my input time format, I wrote M/d/yyyy H:mm:ss tt.

At first glance, the output time field looked fine, until I noticed that except for times between 12:00 and 1:00 PM, PM is changed to AM. AM times remain AM.

However, while what I describe above is the usual result, much less frequently AM and PM are changed from one to the other. I have yet to determine how often this occurs among the 140,000 records in the file, but it is an extremely rare outcome.

Snippets from the table showing these two results are attached.

Any reason for why the AM/PM mix-ups would happen?

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