Convert Labels to Annotation Failing (Error 000287)

11-04-2019 02:11 PM
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I keep trying to convert my labels to annotations using ArcPro and keep getting this error:  000287: Failed to create output feature class.—Help | ArcGIS Desktop .  I'm not sure why since I seem to be meeting all of the requirements. Once confusing thing about this new tool is it's not asking me for an output feature name anywhere that I can see (which is different from ArcMap).  Am I missing something?

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Hi Bethany,

The tool won't ask you to provide a name for the output annotation feature class.  it will take the base name of the layer you're converting for and then add the suffix - in your image above it would be Anno.

It looks like you're using a basic license?  I'm thinking this as you don't have the option to create feature-linked annotation.  you should still be able to convert labels to annotation, I just want to check in for making sure I'm down the right trail.

Have you upgraded the gdb to pro?  you do this through the gp tool.  

To see what version it is go to the Catalog window, right click on the geodatabase and select Properties.  You'll see an option there for the Upgrade Status.  If it's not upgraded, make a backup of it and then upgrade and test converting into it.  that may be the issue.



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