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Contents Pane is blank - Solved

01-18-2023 06:44 AM
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Hi I've been using a map with several layers and the contents pane is now suddenly blank so that I'm unable to access any layers in the map. I've tried making a duplicate .aprx file and deleting the ESRI folder in AppData\Local and AppData\Roaming but nothing seems to work. 


edit: I figured it out. I had to open layers under Maps from the catalog pane but now I dont know how to delete this post.

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Glad you couldn't delete this since I just did the same thing!

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Same here!!

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Same!!! Glad you didn't delete it, thanks!

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Thanks! To clarify, I needed to drag in/add a random featureclass from the catalog to the map to get the blank contents to refresh. Then delete said random featureclass.