Connect to a remote PostgreSQL server

01-23-2022 11:40 AM
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Hi All! I have recently setup a shared PostgreSQL database on an Amazon Web Service (AWS) RDS server for a collaborative research project.  Unfortunately, I am unable to log-in to the database using ArcGIS new database dialog box. Every time, I try to connect ArcGIS throws a [bad login user] error. (the error is similar to the problem encountered here: ArcGIS Pro is not letting me connect to PG_ADMIN d... - Esri Community)

What is all the more surprising is that I can connect without any problem to the database using PgAdmin or QGIS or directly via Python and R relevant libraries. Has anyone encountered any similar issue or have a suggestion on how to solve this problem?

The only thing I could think that is causing this issue is that I am forcing any connection to use SSL/TLS encryption when connecting to the server. On all other platforms, except ArcGIS, the connection dialog box requires the user to specify the type of SSL connection. However, this option does not exist on ArcGIS.

A few more information. The remote server uses PostgreSQL version 13.4 (this is supposed to be supported by ArcGIS Pro 2.9: ArcGIS 10.9.1 and ArcGIS Pro 2.9 requirements for PostgreSQL—ArcGIS Enterprise | Documentation for A...). AWS IAM is enabled on the server.


Thanks so much!

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I hope you have this all worked out since, this reply is 4 months later than the post.   To troubleshoot, you can look at the postgresql database logs to see how its handling the connections.  

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Did you resolve this problem I am having same exact issue and cannot get around it 

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Hi, in case anyone else is having this problem, I was able to fix it by creating a new user in the database with all lower case letters.

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