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Confirming Expected Behavior When Not Using arcgisbinding in an R Script for a Custom Geoprocessing Toolbox

05-16-2024 10:37 PM
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Introduction: When creating custom Geoprocessing (GP) tools in R for use within ArcGIS, the arcgisbinding package is a common choice. It acts as a bridge between R and ArcGIS, allowing seamless integration of R scripts into your geospatial workflows. However, if you intentionally avoid using the arcgisbinding, you may encounter issues.

Issue: Recently, I created a r-script for a custom GP toolbox without using arcgisbinding, as arcgisbinding is unavailable at my workplace.

Error Message: I recieved the error message "rarcproxy_pro.dll is blocked". 

Expected Behaviour:

  1. Removing instances of arcgisbinding in my script to get around the IT block may be effective
  2. Creating a custom GP tool with R script that relies on other R packages or dependencies will result in tool execution, with no dependencies to arcgisbinding.  

Troubleshooting Steps:

  1. Confirmed script runs in RStudio, with no installation or dependencies to arcgisbinding


Help Esri Community, can somebody confirm if this expected behaviour? If not, what have I missed? 

Alternatives being considered: Custom Python Script GP tool that calls in the production R scripts.



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