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Closing attribute table — Why do rows get selected from the database?

05-09-2023 06:43 AM
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ArcGIS Pro 3.1.1; mobile geodatabase

I have a standalone table's attribute table open.

When I close the attribute table:
In the diagnostic monitor logs, I see that the action of closing has executed a query against the database:

<Event time="Tue May 09 9:28:34.460" type="Debug" thread="1630: Main CIM worker thread" 
elapsed="14674" function="Geodatabase.Cursor" code="EndCursor"> Database: C:\2023 Files\GDBs_4\New Mobile Geodatabase.geodatabase SQL: SELECT OBJECTID FROM main.TEST_TABLE Number of features returned: 2000 </Event>

That query seems unnecessary to me. Why would we want to select records when closing a table?

And if the table were actually a EGDB query (i.e. a database view or query layer) that was computationally intensive (slow), then that would put an unnecessary load on the enterprise database and on the network. Not to mention possibly causing performance issues in ArcGIS Pro.

What purpose does querying the DB on attribute table closure serve? Is that a bug?


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