Clip polygon to fit within border

03-29-2022 12:19 PM
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Using ArcGIS Pro 2.9, I am trying to clip a few polygon features to fit within a border. I have tediously tried multiple tools with tracing the polygons manually with producing the opposite desired result outside the border. There must be an easier way to do this, right?


Any help would be appreciated.


Brian Bergstrom

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Clip features using other features. In the Modify Features pane, the Clip tool clips editable and visible features that touch or are within a buffered distance from selected features. You can select the cutting feature and clip all editable features, or select the input cutting features and clip only selected target features. Typing a buffer distance greater than zero shows the clip area as a buffer preview. You can keep or delete the features inside or outside the clip area or split the target features and preserve the feature geometry in both areas. 

Clip Raster (Data Management). Cuts out a portion of a raster dataset, mosaic dataset, or image service layer. 

Clip (Analysis). Extracts input features that overlay the clip features. Use this tool to cut out a piece of one dataset using one or more of the features in another dataset as a cookie cutter. This is particularly useful for creating a new dataset—also referred to as study area or area of interest (AOI)—that contains a geographic subset of the features in another, larger dataset.