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Clip DEM layer and extract 'Solar Radiation' to excel?

04-10-2024 02:53 AM
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Hello! I am using ArcGIS Pro and I have a DEM layer that I would like to clip in several places so I could run the 'Area Solar Radiation' tool. I have managed to do it with in one area but I can't seem to be able to clip it again. Regarding the area that I did manage to clip and run the radiation tool I go the layers of duration and radiation as shown below:


How can I extract the data generated in the layers of duration/diffuse/direct/total in an excel file and how can I clip a tiny area of my DEM layer for analysis?

Thanks in advance for any help!



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Hi @MarianaRCorreia 

Can you please outline your workflow? 

I noticed in the screenshot above there are layers with broken connections (hence the exclamation marks) are you trying to run any analysis against these layers? If so you need to repair the connection.

This video references how to extract a DEM to Point shapefile and Excel using ArcMap. The process and tools should be a similar workflow for ArcGIS Pro

ESRI ArcGIS Extracting DEM elevations to Point Shp File and Excel

How to Extract Elevation Values from DEM using ArcGIS

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