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Classify Pixels Using Deep Learning - Classify multiple classes

03-28-2023 10:58 AM
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I am currently Classifying Pixels to one class. How would I able to make the tool label multiple classes with different training labels? When I input two different training data for training, it classifies them as the same class when I run the model.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.



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It isn't clear what you have done and what you are trying to do.  It sounds like you classed pixels to one class but are trying to use that model for other classes

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@ChelsGIS please see the attached pdf for detailed steps for a pixel classification workflow (it will be available at v3.2 release). but this is how do you create multiple classes 

    1. Right-click the schema you created, and choose Add New Class.PavanYadav_0-1695417921901.png


      you will have something like the following. 
    2. PavanYadav_1-1695417975321.png


      I hope this helps. 

      A side note: We have an ArcGIS Image Analyst dedicated community and here you might get response sooner on imagery related issues/questions.


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