Change the default 'Flash' color in ArcGIS Pro

01-07-2019 08:43 AM
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I cannot seem to find any information about this. When I have a record highlighted in my attribute table in ArcGIS Pro, I like to right click and 'Flash' the point in the map. Is there a way to change the flash color? I find that the slightly darker green that flashes on a highlighted point hard to detect & I miss the cross hairs zooming across the screen in ArcMap.

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I too miss the cross hairs!  And a more obvious color change would be great as well.  When zoomed out looking at large areas the cross hairs were great for finding a more specific area of the city where the point was that I had selected.

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I agree - Bring back the cross hairs!!!!!

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I agree too - Please, bring back the cross hairs in ArcGIS Pro!!!!!

And switch off animation. That's too much.

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