Cartographic Realignment Warning ArcGIS Pro

02-19-2021 12:28 PM
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Database used: Naperville and client database (same warning message, see pic above)

Environment: PostgreSQL 10.12, ArcGIS Pro 2.6.2, Enterprise Geodatabase 10.8.1

Editing using Feature Service (Branched versioning)

APR configured with Pipelineline as Centerline feature class.


When editing existing Pipelineline geometry, I get this warning, after clicking OK everything works fine, route realignment and event behaviors work successfully.

  • Creating new Pipelineline is working fine, with no warning messages.
  • This ONLY happens to existing Pipe(that has been migrated), if I create a NEW pipe and then modify the geometry, I don't get this warning (Naperville data throws same warning message)
  • Pipelineline: XY tolerance 0.00328083333333333 US Survey Feet

Anyone know what’s happening here?

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Can you explain the migration?

Possibly a mismatch of geometry field metadata precisions?

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I initially thought this could be something to do with migration, then I tested using Naperville data and got exact same Warning with Naperville data.

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@AyanPalit  - any ideas? we are seeing multiple instances of this for each edit completed.


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Refer to tolerance and resolution settings for the LRS ;check your geodatabase settings. Do you see this warning for minor geometry changes only (moving the pipeline <1 feet)? What about for larger changes? Recommend logging a case with Esri Technical Support if warning persists.   

Ayan Palit | Principal Consultant Esri
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We did look at the document, and the XY tolerance and resolution are accurate, and the APR functionality is working fine.

No, this behavior is constant regardless of geometry size.

On further testing we noticed you get multiple Warning Messages when you right click the Pipe and 'Add Vertex', but when using 'Add Vertex to Segment' tool, the Warning Message does not show up.

Also, for newly created Pipes, the Warning message does NOT show.

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