Cant update coded values on hosted Feature Service

11-23-2020 10:48 AM
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We have a hosted feature service on our Portal 10.6. The feature service is created through Survey123.

We have previously had a hard time time update coded values manually to the feature service, as Survey123 cant update the coded values of the feature service, once published.

Neither can we access /updateDefinition nor the service json through AGOL assistant.

We found a solution a year ago, when we had this issue last time we updated the Survey123 form. We used the Solution Deployment Tool ArcGIS Solutions Deployment Tool | ArcGIS Solutions that makes it possible to update coded calues to hosted Survey123 feature services. 

Now we want to do a new update, but it throws this error, when running the tool after we added a new coded value:


Any ideas on how to update domains to a Survey123 hosted feature service on Portal 10.6?

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