cannot open .mxd

09-03-2020 07:58 AM
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Recieved an error message when trying to open an existing .mxd stating the file cannot be open because it was created using a newer version of ArcMap. I'm currently running 10.7.1. What should I do?

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Hi Will,

Unfortunately, the only way around this is by opening the .mxd in 10.8 and saving it as an older version. I would implore Esri to implement backwards compatibility, however with ArcPro out and the announced stop of development for Arcgis Desktop, I am not hopeful this will happen. 

Hopefully someone in your network has 10.8 available, else you are welcome to contact me. I'd be happy to convert the .mxd to an older version.

Kind regards,

Callum Reid

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