Can you unrun ModelBuilder?

03-25-2022 05:23 AM
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Hi Community, 

Is there a way to "un-run" a model in ModelBuilder? 

I ran my model a few times (each time I added a new element to the model, to see if it worked). But now some of my features which I ran "calculate field" for now have duplicates of the calculated fields from re-running.

Any ideas on how to get rid of these? Or un-run the model?


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You can't unrun the model (as far as I know).  You could restore from a backup you made before you ran the model initially.  If you don't have one, you'll have to go into the table or feature class that has the duplicated fields and delete them.... you can right click the field in table view and click "Delete" or use the "Fields" pane to manage the fields.



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Thanks for your response Kim! 

Such a pity you can't reset it. I'm a newbie to ModelBuilder, but I thought it would be a natural, cyclical process of running, editing and re-running the model until you've got a perfected model that can be used for automation. Perhaps I'm understanding its purpose wrong?

Thank you for your recommendations, will try recover and old version. 

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