Can you synch the map frame within the layout view

07-23-2021 12:01 PM
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We recently switched over to ArcGIS Pro 2.8 from ArcMap 10.6.1.  I am trying to get a project set up for daily usage and I'm encountering many things that were once easy, take a lot of setting up

Current conversion problem:

In ArcMap we would have a layout setup that we would simply have to switch to after completing the work in map view.  With Pro, the layout view locks the map extent once it is created.  Since we do parcel editing, we create before and after views of what we worked on to be sent to other departments.  Once one parcel is done, we move on to the next.  It seems like in Pro the map frame will have to be adjusted separately from the map view every time a new area is worked and a map is needed.  In ArcMap it was simple; whatever was showing in map view where the edits were done was the same area displayed in the layout view to print the map.

Is there a way to synch the map frame within the layout view to automatically display the current extent in the map view?  

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In Pro you can't sync map and layout views like in ArcMap. This is because you can have many maps and layouts in Pro, and each map or layout can have multiple open views. In ArcMap because there was one map view and one layout view it was easy to keep them in sync, in Pro it would be far more complicated because there are so many. Instead, we recommend activating the map frame and making adjustments in the layout, or using bookmarks.

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Not very elegant but you can make sure your focused parcel is selected prior to switching to layout and then click the "zoom to selection" option on the Map frame Format tab.  It would be nice to chose to link the layout map frame to the map view though.  I too will miss this and it is one more reason for some of my workflows to remain in ArcMap.  😞

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