Can we download basemaps from ArcGIS Pro 2.0?

08-07-2017 08:51 PM
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Checking if at all we can download basemaps from ArcGIS Pro 2.0 like we can from ArcGIS .NET SDK through portal.

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You have mmpk in your tags... and there are associated links there if any of that is of use

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Thank you for the link. I actually went through that page as well. I basically wanted to download some portion of World Imagery base map from ArcGIS Pro 2.0 which seems not to be supported right now as it gives me "The layer type is not supported in runtime content: Map/World Imagery Failed to execute (CreateMobileMapPackage)." . Do you know if we can download similar basemaps in anyway from ArcGIS Pro?

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You could take look at the Tile Package Kreator application for downloading world imagery (or other ESRI basemaps) as tiles packages (disconnected or uploaded to AGOL). See Tile Package Kreator | ArcGIS Blog  or 

It seems one can only create Mobile Map Packages from vector data.