Can't change version or refresh data source in map view

05-26-2021 07:14 AM
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I'm wondering what determines whether you can change version or refresh a data source in a map view. In one of my map views, I can refresh the data source of one SDE database connection but not another. Both databases are stored on the same SQL Server. I have read-only access to the one I can refresh, while I have write access (to FCs I own) to the database I can't refresh. I don't know if read/write access has anything to do with it, but if anything it seems backward of what I would expect.

I can refresh both databases from the Catalog view, just not the map view. Regardless, I have to restart Pro to see changes made outside the project. This is related to another question I'm still working on:
Joined table edits not showing on map.

I'm wondering if not being able to refresh that database is related to the fact that I can't get edits to a joined table in the same db to show up in that map view until after restarting Pro.

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