Can I join specific coordinate points from different feature classes to create a new layer?

03-31-2021 07:48 AM
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Hi, I'm relatively new to the ArcGIS world. I'm using ArcGIS Pro 2.6, and currently working with some feature classes that represent coordinate points where certain aquatic plants are found in a lake. I have 5 feature classes (5 different species), and some of the coordinate points overlap. I'm wondering if there's a way to join these points to create a new layer so that I can identify to others that there are X, Y, and Z species at this point, not just Z species, while keeping remaining coordinate points in that feature class as they are.

I hope that makes sense, I'm happy to provide clarification or more information if needed!

Thank you!


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I would say to look in the Spatial Join tool: That will be a good place to start.


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