Can I do stereo mapping with pre-generated orthos and no camera file

04-19-2021 07:27 AM
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As the subject says.


I have a mosaic dataset of several hundred orthos, and a 1m DEM generated from LiDAR, but NO camera information.  Playing around with the various tools I haven't been able to generate stereo models for use in a stereo mapping project.

I only have basic knowledge of Pro.

Is it possible to generate a stereo-mapping project with just orthos?

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You have the Image Analyst extension? and seen the basic requirements from the help files?

Stereo mapping in ArcGIS Pro—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

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I do have the Image Analyst extension, and the orthos (produced from an earlier Erdas LPS project some years ago), but no other data so I assume the images are 'geometrically adjusted' as the link you gave says.  I'm not familiar with the term however so I may be wrong.

Basically when I first try and run the Build Model tool I get errors and no model is built.  Looking further into the online help, I'm going to run other tools under the Ortho Mapping section and see what transpires.

I'm just wondering if I need the camera files, EO/IO parameters etc to produce Stereo Models or can I just get away with pre-generated, block-adjusted orthos.



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