Calculating change of slope angle within given slope interval using ArcGIS Pro

03-14-2022 11:26 PM
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I need to find areas of rapid slope change greater than 10º within a slope interval of 28º < slope < 55º.

I created a slope layer from the DEM and then CON (spatial analysis) to isolate the areas 28º < slope < 55º.

Would the next step be to run SLOPE on the CON output layer, effectively getting the slope of the slope (i.e. the changes in slope between adjacent cells)?

Then running a RASTER CALC to isolate areas of slope change >10º?

I'm using ArcGIS Pro version 2.9.1

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Interesting! That's exactly what I posted on StackExchange 😉 

I'm going to use the approach suggested by @DanPatterson.

Good luck with your project!


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