Calculate Field for Photo Path

09-17-2021 12:04 PM
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Hi everyone - I have a Calculate Field question.

I have data that I need to add the beginning of the path where the photos are stored to the existing data that is within the attribute table. See screenshot below.

I've tried this with both arcade and python, with both ' ' marks, and " ", and also none at all, and it fails for me every time. I know it's something simple, but I cannot figure it out.

Can anyone help?



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@KamillePreto if you're just combining strings, wrap the folder path in r" ". 

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Hi David,

I apologize for the delayed response. So meaning what I would put in would be the following:

r"\\...........\Paver\" + $feature.Image3D

The dots just represent the server path

If this is correct, what does the "r" do?

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