Cache Issue When Updating an LRS Measure on SDE via SQL Server

12-20-2023 12:42 PM
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First we have an LRS table in SDE and instead of using SQL Manager Studios to update the LRS data, we have linked the table to Access to make it much easier.

  In old ArcMap, there were 2 registry files that could be used to toggle Caching to allow LRS updates to display the new measures graphically on the fly when changed.  This was for all data on ArcMap regardless of project as it affected it as a whole and worked great.

  In ArcGIS Pro, it seems we have the Cache options on a layer by layer basis.  With that, though, I have run into an issue.


  It seems when updating an LRS measure in the database table in SDE, the data change will show in the attributes in ArcGIS Pro just fine, but Refreshing usually doesn't update the graphical part.  The only way I've consistantly found to actually do this is to do the following:

i) Original data (Step1 - Show original measures.jpg)

Step1 - Show original measures.jpg

a) Make the change in the database table (Step2 - Change a Measure.jpg)

TestStep2 - Change a Measure.jpg

b) In ArcGIS Pro, Refresh (sometimes a few times) until I see the change in the attributes for that feature (Step3 - Change is shown in Attributes but no change in graphics.jpg)

Step3 - Change is shown in Attributes but no change in graphics.jpg

c) Go into the layer's Properties --> Cache and then change it from "Keep the cache between sessions.  Automatically clear the cache every x mins" to "Clear cache when the session ends" or visa-versa. (Step4 - Cache showing current Method.jpg & Step5 - Change Cache Method.jpg)

Step4 - Cache showing current Method.jpg
Step5 - Change Cache Method.jpg

d) Press OK and this then redraws the features and displays the correct LRS extents for that feature. (Step6 - Update Now Reflects new LRS Measure Change.jpg) Edit: for some reason I can't put the image here in a spoiler or remove the extra duplicate one.


Step6 - Update Now Reflects new LRS Measure Change.jpgStep6 - Update Now Reflects new LRS Measure Change.jpg 


I was hoping that the features would automatically update when there was a change to an LRS measure, but none of the options in the Cache pane does this.

  I have also tried to find the ESRI tool or code for the type of Refresh/redraw that occurs when I swtich between the two Cache methods above, but I am unable to find the one that those use to redraw the feature to the new measures (LRS - Refresh.jpg).


LRS - Refresh.jpg



  Any ideas on why the Cache isn't working or if not, how I can keybind the Refresh/Redraw that occurs after you switch a Cache method?

Unsure if this should be a bug or not?







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@PeteJordan My guess is the process was developed long time back and  seems high overhead to maintain. Recommend creating an m-aware feature class and using the standard LRS route editing tools to update feature geometry and attributes. 

Sorry I don't have a direct answer to your cache issue but think there is a more efficient way to do the same.

Ayan Palit | Principal Consultant Esri
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Well ArcGIS Pro does have the ability as it does update properly if I switch the Cache mode.  That refresh that is used when switching modes just needs to be made avaliable as an option to keybind and that would solve the issue, similar to using the standard <F5> to refresh.

  And yes this is done using the old ArcMap system where tables were edited directly to change measures.  We have since obtained a licence for Roads & Highways, it's just we will need to spend some time to convert our existing LRS into the new schema for it to properly work with the new tools I would assume.  So in the mean time, the quick fix would be just having access to that redraw/refresh process that happens when switching Cache methods. 

  And yes I agree in the future we hope to use the new LRS funtionality in ArcGIS Pro...

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