Bold and Italics in ArcGIS Pro

07-18-2019 12:37 PM
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Hi all,

I might have not explored it fully but I may need to be updated on this. Is there a way in ArcGIS Pro one should italicize or make bold Text instead of depending on specific characteristics of a font. I agree some fonts have such characteristics but some which I would prefer using than others don't have.

Any input on this?


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Hi Kamau,

In ArcGIS Pro we moved away from the faux bold and italic settings we had in ArcMap where you could set those styles on fonts that didn't contain them.

In ArcGIS Pro you have access to the styles that the font contains and you set which one to use through the font style dropdown.  

As you mention, some styles do not contain bold and italic versions, yet other fonts contain a great list of styles.  This all depends on how the font creator built the font.

You can see below that Arial has a wide selection of styles and Tahoma is limited to two.

Hope this helps