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Blocky or jagged multipatch building rooftops

04-14-2023 08:47 AM
New Contributor II

Hello, I am working on a project to incorporate SketchUp building models into a 3D Scene in ArcGIS Pro 3.1.  I have been following this tutorial: and also have used the 3D Basemap Solutions, which produce about the same result. I do not worry too much about the level of detail for these multipatch buildings because I mainly want the multipatch feature layer to load quickly and run smoothly. 

The extracted buildings from the footprint produce smooth sides of buildings, which I am going for. However, the trouble I have been having is with achieving smooth rooftops. I have tried a big mix of different values for the sampling resolution and simplification tolerance with LAS Building Multipatch,  Regularize Building Footprints, and Simplify Building tools, which make the rooftops look unnatural and confusing (see attached images. 

Could this issue derive from too dense of point cloud for the building rooftops?

Thank you

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I'm having the same problem - if anyone has had success with a sampling resolution and simplification tolerance that works, I'd love to know what numbers you used.

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