Better Pop Up Arcade Expression?

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05-10-2019 12:41 PM
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Is there a way to create one Arcade expression that could be applied across multiple attributes instead of creating an expression for each one?



I have a feature layer and it has, let's say, 20 attributes. If there is a NULL I want the pop up to display "No observations", and if there is data, display said data. Right now I currently have to make an Arcade expression for each attribute. Here is my expression;

if ($feature.Est0 == null) {
    Text('No observations')
else {
    Text($feature.Est0, '#,###')


Now instead of copying and pasting this expression 20 times and just changing what attribute it applies to is there a way to just do it with one? This also applies to AGOL to and there is a post there too (One Pop Up Expression for Multiple Attributes?).


One way I thought of doing this too was actually changing the Data Type in the table for each attribute to text so I can just put "No observations" in the table but this created other problems I will post separately.

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