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Best way to add directions to this intersection

05-19-2023 01:33 PM
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Hi all, 

I have a road network that I am both cleaning up and aligning. I have two main issues. The first is in relation to the driving directions (instructions) given. I have noticed that when long sweeping curves, such as in the image attached, the instruction is to continue straight. I have also noticed this when a bezier curve is used. I am looking to somehow get around this and have read plenty about how to set up directions such as road forks and signposts, and ramps etc. I haven't tried either as I don't know what the best approach should be.

Is anyone able to suggest any solutions? My network is full of sweeping (rural/farm) roads where there are often complex intersections. These would mimic highway on and off ramps, but not sure if that would be adding unnecessary complexity. All roads are at surface level and there are no bridges or anything like that to contend with.

In the example, assuming the direction of travel is the red arrow, I would like the instruction to say something like "turn left onto road b" or "keep left on to road b" etc etc.



The second issue is in relation to the vertex count. I am trying to reduce and align them and I see no easy way to do this. As a result, I often get instructions to carry out a turn, along a "straight road" if there are vertices that are close enough and misaligned enough to depict a turn. I will tackle that problem in another post 🙂


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