Bearing distance to Line Tool ignores Lat/Long

03-02-2018 12:51 PM
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I'm using the Bearing Distance to Line tool in ArcPro 2.1 with a small dataset of 7 observations.  The Lat/Long data is from 7 different points around marine areas surrounding the U.S. but despite the data showing different Lat/Long locations, the output has all lines originating from a single point.  Also, the lines' origin is not even one of the Lat/Long points in the table.  Anyone know what's wrong here?


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Perhaps the *.csv file's coordinate system are unknown.  I would suggest that you make a featureclass in a gdb, and try that .  The angles look familiar and the distances might be scaled relative to the distance recorded in the table to those of a US albers

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Since you are using lat/lon, try "WGS 1984" as your spatial reference instead of "NAD 1983 2011 Contiguous US Albers".