Basemap Resolution Scaling in Layout

04-11-2022 07:44 AM
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Hello, I have a question relating to the scaling of the imagery basemap in ArcGIS Pro.

I'm trying to make a map in a layout that uses the imagery basemap. The map is of an individual county in Texas, so the area is fairly large. The issue is that I need the imagery when zoomed out to the county level to be just as detailed as it is when I'm zoomed in on a single house. In a layout, ArcGIS seems to only use the resolution level used to show larger areas. Is there a way to lock ArcGIS to that higher resolution imagery that would be used when zoomed in on a smaller area? I know that my file sizes would be very large but that's fine.

I noticed that I am able to click in the scale and resolution boxes under the 'service capabilities' section in the source tab of the properties for World Imagery, although I can't change anything. Is there a workaround
to change these?

setting the reference scale works to lock the symbols and polylines I'm working with to a certain size, but is there a way to set the reference scale of the basemap?

These are just a couple ways that I thought might work, although there's probably something else I'm completely missing.


Thanks in advance

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I'm also trying to figure this one out, going off this post from 6 years ago, I don't think we'll ever get the capability to do this. 

There is one potential workaround, Export Training Data For Deep Learning allows you to export a geotiff from the basemap, if you set the cell size to one that matches the desired scale, it appears to export a geotiff at that scale of the basemap. Your mileage may vary.

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