Automated Script for creating multiple projects using the same template

12-15-2021 12:00 PM
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I have to create 80 different projects using the same template. We tried using one project for 4 of the exhibits at once but it was too much for the software. It would take 20 minutes just to load. Wasted a ton of time. So Now I need to produce 80 different project from my template. Any suggestions? 

I used to know how to do it with arcmap but I haven't been able to find the script for Arcpro

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Try this? Create a project template—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

And then on the File>New page


It should appear in Recent Templates once you use it for the first time.


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I know how to create the template.

The issue is the amount of times I have to use the template to create different projects. I have 80 different projects I need to create.

I can do it manually but I know that we had a script that would produce multiple mxds with different names from one template. 

I would like to do the same thing but creating projects.

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You say "mxd" but posted in Pro ("aprx")

ArcGISProject—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

there is

saveACopy (file_name)


A string used to save an ArcGISProject (.aprx) to a new file path or file name.

So if you have a template project and you have a way of renaming the projects, that might be a starting point

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As a note if you decide to tinker with this, Mark.

saveACopy will create a new project, but it will only be the aprx file. The default GDB will be template's GDB, and no new folders will be created. 

There is an idea that you can vote on that falls in line with this topic: Provide ability to create new ArcGIS Pro projects ... - Esri Community

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