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Attribute rules import contingent values

07-04-2023 03:29 AM
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Dear all,

I am using ArcGIS Pro 3.1.0

I am trying to use the domains and subtypes to restrict the editor options... but reduce ambiguity.

the plan is for a layer of All_vehicles, the field type has ships, land vehicles, aircrafts. By selecting ships, the choices on the next field (purpose) would be limited to commercial, utility, naval_auxilliary. by selecting commercial, the choices on the next field would be reduced to the RoRo vessels, tankers, passengers, etc.

I have the excel like it is suggested in the ESRI support page. check the upload.

While using the import contingent values it gave the following error:

"the subtype code is either too large or tool small for the field type"


there is not a lot of questions on this...





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