Attribute Rules Error, Geometry Type Expected

06-20-2019 05:59 AM
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I'm testing out Attribute Rules in ArcGIS Pro by using calculation rules to auto-fill fields in a street address table.  I have rules to use intersecting features to calculate parcel ID, city, and zip code.  I also have rules to use the street number, prefix, street name, suffix, directional suffix, and unit number fields to fill the full street name, and full address fields.

Everything works great when creating new address point features, and when changing the geometry of existing features, but I get an error when I try to change the attributes of an existing feature, "Arcade error: Geometry Type Expected".

Does anyone know I might be able to correct this?

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Josh,  I too was having this issue but when setting up attribute rules.  In my case, I was setting up rules on a point feature Bridge and the rule calculates a rotation angle that is parallel to the intersecting road.  For whatever reason, I couldn't get the attribute rule to validate.  Then I tried intersecting with the County Boundary, DOT District, and DOT Region and had the same issue.  Then I started looking at my bridge data and it turns out the first two records didn't have geometry.  They had attributes but didn't have a geometry.  When I deleted them and applied my rules the rules validated.

Are you editing filed that have attribute rules applied? (I would not edit the attribute columns that have attribute rules applied)

Are the existing features you are trying to edit have geometry?  (I'm assuming they do but don't want to leave anything to chance.)

I would open a support ticket if these items don't help you.

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