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Attribute calculator only processing 40 records at a time

03-07-2022 08:17 AM
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I'm trying to populate attribute values using both the Attributes pane and the field calculator in ArcGIS Pro 2.8.4. Both methods only set/calculate the cell values for 40 records at a time even though I have many more than that (sometimes all records) selected. The Extent environment setting is set at Default, so it isn't limiting anything. I have to run the calculation, re-select records that didn't get populated and run the calculation again, etc. Only 40 records are being populated each time. The feature class is in a SQL Server enterprise geodatabase.  

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Can you provide a screen shot of the calculation your running?

Almost sounds like a TOP keyword is being used somewhere (in SQL Server) or like the system (either on the database end or on the client side) is running out of resources.  I.E. its doing its job in 40 row chunks and it fails after the first one because it runs out of memory or diskspace... 

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You can make edits to a geodatabase edit version, check the results, reconcile, and post the version. Some editing options:

1) Use query by attribute in the content (feature class (right click: properties and definition query). See the following link: 

2) Usar python script. Ver el siguiente enlace: 



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This was happening with any kind of field calculation or even just setting values in the Attributes pane (entering manually or selecting from a domain dropdown).

One update. I previously had it joined to another table. Once I removed the join, the issue went away. So, it does sound like a resources issue. This is a versioned enterprise database, so there's TON of stuff going on behind the scenes to make this all happen.

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I have encountered similar issues with the 40 rows being some sort of magic number with respect to joins against a SQL server enterprise geodatabase.  

1. If I use SelectLayerByAttributes from a stand-alone Python script against a joined layer it only returns the first 40 matching rows

2. If I use the FeatureClassToFeatureClass tool in ArcGIS Pro with a where clause against a joined layer the resulting feature class will have the correct number of output rows, but all rows after row 40 are duplicates (of row 40)

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Same thing is happening to me.  I'm using ArcGIS Pro 3.0.3 and my geodatabase is SQL Server in AWS RDS.  While having two feature classes joined by GLOBALID the Calculate Field tool will only update 40 at a time.  Other issues include the attribute table not displaying at all after the Select by Attributes tool is used on the joined table.

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Same here. Just starting out with 3.0.3.  I'm calculating a SQL feature class field but I have a SQL Server table joined to it as well and it only calculates 40 records at time. Removed the join and it did them all.

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