Arcscan in ARCGIS pro

06-26-2019 02:39 AM
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Were to find the arcscan option in arcgis pro

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Don't think it is available in ArcGIS Pro yet.

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Does someone know when arcscan will be available in ArcGIS Pro ?

Vectorization & Raster Cleanup were so useful.

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Did we ever get an answer from the #arcgis-pro‌ product team on whether ArcScan is in the product plan or a better answer about this functionality in ArcGIS Pro for users who are wishing to convert rasters to vectors?  This thread is nearly a year old.  Maybe there is an answer out here somewhere... Will keep looking!  Once we are using Pro, it's mostly hard to go back to ArcMap... but if we must...

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An answer to this question would be fantastic.  Any updates?