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11-10-2020 12:49 PM
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I am trying to make a pro project as simple as possible for a user in my organization, so I am creating a task. Is there an easy way to modify a definition query in the task (every time it's the same field/layer, she just changes the number)?  Then could that same number be copied and used to query another layer? It seems like it should be possible but I'm just not finding the solution. 

I basically just want her to be able to enter the number, all the selections and zooming is automated, she can verify, and then an automated export Layout to PDF.  


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For the sake of efficiency, it might be better to verify the data first (perhaps use bookmarks or map series navigation to go through them, or create a locator from the feature to easily search).

Then export the entire map series on the verified data. (or just export the entire series and do the validation from the pdf's? although of-course I'm not sure if the validation is that simple). 

It's a step in the right direction to automate the map creation, but why have a tool to do it individually still?

There's also the python option of replicating the Map Series functionality.

If you give more info on the task, there might be some other processes that can be automated, although the user may not be as delighted at this as you may expect....

Map series—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation 

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Hi DavidPike,

I am familiar with map series, and this wouldn't really work for the layer, as really all she is doing is going in every day or two to verify and print maps for the newly added points - which she has a list of, and is often no more than a couple a day. There are two different layers as well - so right now she needs to go in and change the number in a definition query for two layers, I was hoping to make it so she only had to enter the new number in once. The only reason I was thinking of building the task is to make it super easy and fool-proof for someone who is unfamiliar and uncomfortable with technology/arcpro. It might not be the right/best way to do it, but I'm open to suggestions.




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Hi Julia,

Currently, there is no way in Tasks to change a definition query.


Current options:

1. Use a task to select the layer properties, then instruct the user on how to modify the definition query.

2. Write a python script tool that modifies the definition query, then use a task step to call that script

Future: This capability is in Tasks Roadmap.

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