ArcPro Scene - labels will not display

04-02-2018 01:56 PM
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I have layers in Scene (ArcGIS Pro) and when I turn labels on they do not display.  Does anyone have any tips and tricks to share on how to display labels in a Scene?

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The solution in the links above is to drag the layer to the 3D layers and that works fine in ArcGIS Pro.  However when I try to create a mobile scene package with the layers in the 3D layers I get unknown errors which I did not get when the layer was in the 2D layers.  Is there any other way to get the labels to display in the scene?

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Unfortunately they still do not render.  I am certain that the label has been enabled in the Labelling tab, and the limits are set to none.  Sometimes I have to restart to program several times before the labels finally do render.  Any other suggestions?


**After experimentation, I noticed what was wrong.  My method was to keep the actual polygon item in the 2D layer, and make a copy of the polygon to place in the 3D layer for labeling purposes.  I would turn off the polygon stroke in the symbol properties format window so there was not a redundant polygon.  But the labels would not render.  When I turned back on the polygon stroke, the labels would return.  

My workaround is to make the color of my 3D polygon layer colorless.

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