ArcPro Batch Clip raster files to different extents

06-09-2021 01:52 AM
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I want to run the 'Clip Raster' tool for several raster files. I want to clip each raster to the extent of the corresponding Shapefile. This can be done in the ArcMap Desktop Application. See attached file - 'Batch_Clip_ArcMap_Desktop.JPG'. 'RST1.tif' is to be clipped to 'EXT1'; 'RST2.tif' is to be clipped to 'Ext2'; and 'RST3.tif' is to be clipped to 'Ext3'.

But the tool in Pro version does not have options to clip to different extents. See attached file - 'Batch_Clip_Pro.JPG'.

Is there a different tool for such an operation?

Thanking in advance!

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